Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Can You.

As I stare at this blank screen I know that I could fill the page with words beyond words of how my weekend went. I have learned so much that I have a feeling that I will not be at a loss of words for awhile on my blog.

This weekend 40+ type 1 diabetics went up to Haliburton for a weekend of activity, inspiration and connection. This event was put on my Connected in Motion - which is the group that I do all my events with. The group of diabetics although individual outside the slipstream were all very much alike within it.

Even though we had our own little and big stories of triumph and inspiration we all were constantly beeping, pricking, pumping, checking, Dex4 tab binging and injecting together. No one gave anyone any weird looks for pulling a pump out of their bra or pant pocket. No one asked them if they could eat that because it has 'sugar' in it and no one asked them what the difference between type 1 and type 2 is.

My experience will have to be shared within several entries because it was almost an endless learning curve I was on. I learned and gained so much from this experience. Although the weekend seemed shorter than ever - so much was jammed packed within it.

I got to talk about my diabetes in a way unlike no other nurse, doctor, friend, parent, teacher etc. could ever understand. I got to stay up until 2 a.m talking about what finger I poke the most and the crazy things I do when I am low.

Most of all I got to hear stories from people from all walks of life that completed marathons, traveled around the world and entered to do a Death Race... Every single person was an inspiration to me because I knew that what they had accomplished can also be accomplished by me.

This weekend was not just about getting away from those crazy non-diabetics that are in our life, but it was about learning to accept your diabetes and know that you can live above and beyond with your disease - all you need to do is look around slipstream and know that they did it and so can you.


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