Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Butt in Motion

So as expected the gyms are overcrowded with people who have set goals to get in shape or lose a couple pounds. I really hope that all of these people can maintain their goals and find success; however, I have a feeling that once February hits the gym will start to get a little less crowded.

Today I went for a little run and I hadn't really ran in awhile and it was such a nice feeling. If you are a runner, you know what I am talking about. I never would have classified myself as a runner and really I have a hard time classifying myself as anything. But, running is a big passion of mine. I may not be that great at it, but I love the feeling of running.

I also did the StairMaster and that was hard work! I don't recall stairs being that hard to climb, but apparently these are some pretty crazy stairs. Tomorrow, Michelle and I are going to spin class in the afternoon and I am hoping to get to the pool as well.

Before I know it, I will be doing all the crazy events with CIM . . . oh wait, that's in a couple weeks! Well, I better get my butt in motion!


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