Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I can hardly believe that next week is the last week of the term. It seems that life has been put on fast forward for the past few years and I haven't found a way to slow it down. Although at times I want to fast forward through essay writing and long lectures, I wouldn't mind slowing down with the good times that seem to go by in seconds.

As the end of term approaches I am busy studying. Not only am I busy studying like everyone else, but I am trying to perfect my diabetes. My next D.E.C appointment is slowly approaching and with that a little competition is going on. My friend, Mitch who is also a diabetic has an appointment on the same day - in which we see the same nurse. The challenge is to have the best A1C. Of course lately my sugars have been nothing but high possibly due to stress, but I am working hard to win.

Did I mention the prize is a doughnut? Okay, so not the best diabetic food prize, but just because we are diabetic doesn't mean we don't enjoy a carb packed doughnut - something I haven't had in years.

I look forward to this challenge - and what makes the competition even more fierce is that at our last appointment (which was on the same day as well) we both had the same A1C . . .


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