Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Support Group

I have started to wonder if the benefits of the pump come along with the support that you receive. Like for people that don't like the pump and have either tried the pump or don't want to try it at all - I wonder what there choices are based on?

I know a lot of people that enjoy their pump, but these people are super involved in diabetes related activities and support. The people that I have met that don't like the pump are all fellow classmates or people that I met at Fanshawe. I know nothing about their history of diabetes, but when they tell me they hated the pump I always ask why. Some reasons they gave me was that they gained weight, they hated wearing it or that it got in the way.

These are all good reasons and although I haven't gained weight from the pump the other two reasons I can relate too. However, thinking of going back to needles rarely if ever crosses my mind. I know that being on the pump has really helped me control my sugars and organize my health.

I don't want to make assumptions, but I think it was easier for me to work with my pump and not hate it because of my support group of other diabetics that had the pump. I knew that once I got it that I could accomplish just as much as them if not more. They were my motivation and I knew that good things come from wearing the pump.

I am sure there are a million reasons why people don't want to get the pump or didn't like having the pump - I wasn't too keen about it at first either.


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