Monday, November 22, 2010

Pinky Vacation

I would assume that a lot of diabetics go through the, "I am to lazy to check my sugar phase" and maybe this happens a lot to people - I know that I have days where that is the last thing that I want to do.

It's a simple task, yes, but it's so annoying after awhile. Especially now that my pinky has decided that it will no longer donate unless it really has too. I think it's in dyer need of a vacation, so I guess I will give it a break for awhile. I wish I could give all of my fingers a break, but that pinky of mine well it's going to get a 4 star vacation for a couple weeks.

Diabetes is very much a disease that revolves around routine. You poke, count, pump, eat then poke, count, pump, eat and it never ends. Sometimes you don't even get the reward of eating, sometimes it's just poke, high b/g, pump and wait until it lowers.

So, I cannot be the only diabetic that dreads checking my sugar. The whole draw blood wait 5 seconds for the result and then either feel shame or say, "wow, how is that possible, I guess diabetes didn't realize I ate two cookies and had a glass of milk!"

I try hard to stay on top of blood checking and of course I do the necessary three checks at least for my meals, but sometimes the extra pokes are just not convincing enough for me.


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