Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three Questions

I always find it funny how when you're diabetic a lot of common beliefs about diabetes and 'diabetics' come into play throughout the day. People who may even know you or don't know you at all tend to make assumptions.

I think the most common thing that I hear throughout the day and I am sure a lot of diabetics will agree is, "CAN YOU EAT THAT?" now - let's think about this. I wear a machine on me 24/7 if it was just to look nice on my hip then that's fine ask me if I can eat that - but truth is it's giving me insulin in order for me to be able to EAT THAT.

Another common statement is, "CHECK YOUR SUGAR!" because apparently if I am acting 'funny' maybe telling a few jokes or laughing for no reason like a lot of other non-diabetics do - this must be because my sugar is high. My headache, my coughing, my laziness, my stubbornness, my itchy leg, my hunger - that must because something is wrong with my sugar right?

And lastly the big question of, "CAN I GET THIS?" and the answer - OF COURSE YOU CAN! Apparently anyone can get this and maybe when we look at genes and all that scientific stuff we will find that only certain people will get this disease hence why everyone does not have type 1; however, I am not a doctor and stopped taking science in grade ten; therefore I believe anyone can get type 1. After all, I am not even sure how I managed to get and neither are my doctors. I am no contagious, but that doesn't mean you cannot get it.

Of course this isn't a complaint and a lot of people don't know a lot about diabetes and that's understandable. I don't actually mind hearing these questions and responding to them; however, I just find it funny how many times I hear these three questions throughout my days.


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