Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There is an entire community of diabetics - like a subculture, diabetics have this way of relating to one another as if they had been neighbours, best friends or colleagues for years. We have a way of getting together and talking about diabetes without the worry of explaining. Phrases like, "OH! I know exactly what you mean!" and "SAME!" float around because even though we all live in different places, and were raised in all different kinds of ways we all share one common factor, diabetes.

I think having a diabetic blog is so important even though I never knew this when I first started writing. The more diabetes blogs I come across the more I realize how universal my blog can be. People from Australia, America and Europe can all relate to my blog even though, here I am all the way in Canada in a medium size city that is pretty much known for Wayne Gretzky and Alexander Graham Bell talking about something that is happening all around the world - not only too me.

One of my goals - or dreams I should say is that I can reach other to as many diabetics as possible. I want not only to present them a blog with things that they can relate to, but show them that they're not alone in their disease. No matter where you are around the world - this blog can be a peace of mind and something that you can turn to to say, "OH! I know exactly what you mean!"


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