Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Involved

We all have things that we want to accomplish and usually these things are goals that we set for ourselves in order to advance our education, career and therefore build our income. There is nothing wrong with wanting a good paying job or being considered 'prestigious" however when that is the only goal you have in life that is a problem.

I try hard not to sound preachy because I know that I've been through different life events than others. We all have had our times of stress, complications and anger and all of that usually leads to something new - a new chapter in our lives where we take what we learned from horrible situations and apply them to good situations.

I know though that a lot of people don't understand my motives. That probably ignore my notes, status updates and events because diabetes in no way relates to them. I know that even though I speak about diabetes I am speaking about much more. My goal isn't to get famous because I am a chatty diabetic - my goal is to help people and let people know that there are so many things you can do - that most of us don't do until we are much, much older or have been threatened in life. Don't let a disease be the decider on whether or not you're going to achieve more than just a high salary.

I feel as if I have surround myself with people that are willing to help and that share a similar mind as me as far as helping others and getting involved. I never got involved pre diabetes and I am so glad that I am now apart of many things and am not ashamed or embarrassed to get out there.

We some how have this idea that everyone our age (young adults) is just partying and doing nothing. We think that if we go to a club meeting or help at a charity that we are being 'uncool.' The fact that I may spend a Friday night doing something other than drinking or going out almost makes me feel like I am missing out - but really, what am I missing out on if I love to help others.

Why do we think that no one our age does these things? We are all engaged in this pluralistic ignorance where we believe that no one else is getting involved so why should we?

We need to have goals - but not only goals of earning good grades and high incomes we need to get out there and get active, involved and really begin living life for more than what's expected.


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