Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's that time of Year!

Okay, diabetics it's that time of year again!

December has arrived and as the malls get busy, and invitations to Christmas parties pile up; diabetics everywhere are dreading some aspects of this delightful occasion! Why? well it's not for all the reasons that non-diabetics are thinking, here's the list:

1. It's time to eat treats full of sugar - we are diabetic not dead; therefore, pies, chocolates, candy canes, squares, chocolate chip cookies, egg nog, punch, dates, mints, m&ms, gingerbread men, sugar cookies, rum balls, chocolate truffles, shortbread cookies, cheesecake, cupcakes, and brownies are NOT OUT OF BOUNDS. I'd personally say that the most asked question of all time is, "Can you eat this?" or "You can't have this right?" - well sorry to say, but I can have anything - and most likely will have everything!

2. Now to go along with the first statement - yes we can eat all that stuff and to the crowd we will appear just as non-diabetic as all the other guests as our plates pile high. However, yes we are going to have to get our pump trigger fingers ready and apologize ahead of time to the tips of our fingers. Even though we enjoy the foods everyone enjoys - we must be ready to pump or inject like there is no tomorrow. Bolus, Bolus, Bolus - personally, it's worth it.

3. You will be given sugar free candy. Unless you've told people that sugar free candy is a. gross or b. makes you sick, chances are you will be getting a nice bag of sugar free Reese Cups or sugar free Hershey bars - let me tell you two things - they are gross and they will make you sick.

4. Finally, the stress of the holiday - all that shopping, wrapping and waiting in large lines can cause your sugar to either go up or down. If you're like me, your sugar will go down, but you will be in luck because there are so many treats waiting for you to eat. If your sugar is bound to go up, than you are out of luck and will have to remember to bolus before shopping.

Other than these four things - Christmas is a wonderful time for diabetics and non-diabetics!


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