Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hammer Down

Tis' the season to eat lots and lots of carbs. We are faced with treats that only come out once a year and anyone who can resist those type of treats just are not living! I know that I cannot resist eating sugary treats and even though people tell me I cannot have those or should not have those - I just cannot resist!

Today, I had my D.E.C appointment at the Brantford General Hospital and of course like always, it went well. My a1C is higher than last time, and unfortunately I lost the challenge against Mitch. But hey, I was honeymooning for awhile and now it's time to focus hard on my diabetes and beat him next time. Hey Mitch, can I treat you to some doughnuts? haha!

As I left the appointment I began to think about my diabetes and how far it has brought me. I also thought about how I can really turn my diabetes into a chance to really get to know my body. I can download charts from my pump that give me all the details about my blood sugars, highs, lows and even site changes. This is all important because you can see patterns and with that - you can make change to improve.

Now, it's going to be a little hard to start hammering down even more now since I mentioned there are a lot of goodies this time of year - but I know that I can improve - like always and start focusing on how I can be the perfect pancreas for myself.

That will be the greatest gift to myself.


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