Monday, December 20, 2010

Cell Phone

I was told that once I get the pump, many people will think that it is a pager or cell phone. I am sure a lot of people of thought that, but only twice have I been 'told' it was a phone. Today at the daycare a little girl asked if she could see my cellphone - and I was confused, knowing that I had no cell phone on me.

Then it hit me, my pump was hanging from my back pocket and I knew that the little girl had mistaken my purple pump for a purple cell phone. Once I let her know that it wasn't a cell phone; rather, something that gave me medicine. Everyone seemed intrigued by the device that I had on!

It's funny because I know a lot of adults have the same interest that these children do, yet no one wants to ask. Personally, I don't mind explaining my diabetes or pump - and love to spread the word about diabetes and what I have been doing to make a difference.

So be curious! There is nothing wrong with it!


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