Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toronto to Panama City

In only six hours I will be heading to the Toronto Airport to board a plane to Panama City. I am looking forward to this trip - it barely has sunk in that I am actually going away! Today was my last day at the daycare and it was definitely sad, but I know that I will be visiting the daycare any chance I get!

Tonight I have been packing and trying to make sure that I don't forget a thing. My carry on is basically all supplies from sites to batteries. I have one book in there and hopefully I can throw a couple more things in my mom's carry on. I want to make sure that my most important things are with me at all times.

I am excited to go away and know that any obstacle that I may go through with the pump is just part of the fun of life. We all go through challenges and obstacles and I am sure the pump will throw the odd one at me and I am fully ready to take it on.

I cannot be scared!

I will be back next Wednesday, so there likely will be no posts between now!


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