Sunday, August 8, 2010

Secret Agent

Dressing up with the pump can be incredibly frustrating. I love wearing dresses and skirts and the only problem I had previous to the pump with wearing those items was that I would have to go into the bathroom to give myself a needle since I inject in my stomach. Now however, I don't even know where the best place to put my pump is.

Yesterday I tried on various of my dresses and tried to figure out where to put my pump. Unfortunately putting the pump in my bra only makes it look like I have a square between my chest or if the dress is low cut you can see the pump.

I bought a leg strap to put on under my dress so that my pump can rest on my leg. It is a very awkward contraption, but I am sure I can eventually get used to it. I feel like a secret agent and know that if I ever were to try and cross the border with it it would cause quite the commotion.

Like the problem with the low cut dress - some of my dresses are too short to wear the leg contraption. So far this has been one of the biggest frustrations with the pump, since I would love to wear one of my dresses every now and then. Maybe I will be looking forward to fall/winter more then ever this year!


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