Monday, August 9, 2010

Not My Little Secret

It's so easy to look at someone and think that they must have the perfect life. Or think that they have no idea what struggle is, but the truth is that many of us are going through difficulties in our lives that cannot be seen by just looking at us. Having diabetes has given me a new perspective on life - I know that life isn't a walk in the park and that so many people, young and old are going through pain, heartache and sadness.

I love knowing that my openness about my diabetes has allowed others to let me know about their struggles. It gives me a great feeling of knowing I can be trusted and that I may have inspired them to not hide who they are and what they have gone through. A lot of people have let me know about the scars that mark their bodies that show the struggles they have under gone whether in the past or present.

With diabetes - no scars mark my body and when I am disconnected from my pump I appear to be your average person. Although I have gone through a lot due to living with type 1, to the public I am no different from anyone else.

I know that so many people hide their struggles and that is completely personal and understandable. I know that a lot of people hide their struggles because they are embarrassed or don't think people will understand, but the majority of people do and will understand.

I have been very open about my diabetes because I will not let diabetes be my little secret that I just live with. Instead I am taking my 'struggle' and helping others realize that we all have challenges to face and there is nothing embarrassing about that!


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