Wednesday, August 4, 2010

43 inches

The whole process of changing a site can be a complicated. Since there are so many things to do it's easy to forget. Fortunately I haven't forgotten a step yet but, there has been a couple mishaps along the way.

Yesterday I changed my site and located it a little too close to my belly button. I didn't realize until I sealed the adhesive down. It isn't causing any problems with the site, but it is a little uncomfortable and awkward. I also grabbed the 42 inch tubing that Medtronic had sent me with the pump - which is incredibly long. I have been using the 23 inch tubing. I feel like I have a never ending tube coming out of my body. I have to stuff the tube all into my pants - it's awkward.

Another issue is that somehow when I put the insulin into the reservoir it all came out of the bottom - therefore I lost 100 units of insulin on the kitchen table. I am so glad once again that I have benefits because if not I would have been very, very disappointed!

After those little incidents I didn't have any problems. I am actually looking forward to changing my site again because this one is way to awkward and I hate the long tube. If I were to drop my pump I am sure that the tubing would reach down to the floor and beyond.

So far living with the pump has been interesting - yet not completely life changing. I am still getting used to it being on me, but haven't thought about it too much. I don't really want to think about it too much just in case I make myself upset. The more you think about it - the more foreign it feels and the more you begin to wonder why me?

For now I am giving it fair chance. It has been nice having days off of needles and being able to enjoy any meal that comes my way. There are always going to be obstacles whether you are on the pump or needles - even people without diabetes face obstacles! Bring them on!


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