Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Failed Batt Test

Sometimes I wonder if things happen to me, so that I can write about it! Today was a pretty average day until I had to change my site aswell as my battery. The site change went well and I actually put the tubing in smoothly unlike any other time. When I went to put in a new battery that Medtronic had sent me with my pump the 'failed batt test' appeared. I was familiar with this because when I had first recieved my pump and put in a new battery (that Medtronic had also given me) I was alerted the same message; however, once I took the battery out and then back in it started to work fine and lasted me month.

I kept trying the same battery hoping that it was doing the same thing as before, but after several tries I realized that I better get new batteries soon or get on the phone with Medtronic. So instead of going through the proccess of calling I decided to just drive to Canadian Tire and buy some AAA batteries.

I knew that I could be an hour off my pump without any problems, so I wasn't too worried. I even suspended my pump for three hour once and went into a low sugar (which is the opposite of what is supposed to happen) so I figured I could manage without my pump for a little while. What was most on my mind was "what if my pump is defective?" I really didn't want to have to go through the process of getting a new pump especially because I am going away this Friday to the states. I just hoped it was the batteries.

Thankfully after running through the isles and purchasing a pack of 8 AAA batteries. I quickly put a battery in my pump while in the parking lot. Soon as it turned on and was working fine I knew that it was okay!

Unfortuanly though this really makes me upset with Medtronic because not only did they send me bad batteries, but I also recieved a bad meter from them that gave me wrong readings. I know that mistakes happen and that things can go wrong, but the pump and my meter are very important to me and my health. I need to be able to trust them.


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