Monday, August 2, 2010

Everyday People

I am sure many people wonder where my ambition and inspiration comes from when dealing with my diabetes. Truth is most of my inspiration comes from the people that read my blogs. I know that for some people I have helped them get through a hard time or showed them that nothing is impossible. There is no better way to get inspired.

I genuinely want to show not only diabetics, but everyone that you can do whatever you set your mind too. I know that so many people say that - and usually those people have over come something - so that's where they get their logic from. But truth is once you accomplish something you are so much more dedicated to defeating the next challenge life has to bring.

Since being diagnosed at eighteen I have showed that no matter what the occasion or issue I can not only get by being diabetic, but go beyond. There is nothing handicap about being diabetic - there is no reason to quit or to give up. My sugar can be unpredictable, but you just have to trust yourself and be brave and know that no matter what you will just be okay.

Inspiration comes from every day people all around the world. We can all get inspired and do what makes us happy.


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