Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm Working on It

I am continuing on with finding happiness and getting rid of stress.  I have kept up my gratitude journal for the past week, and I am not 100% sure if it's helping with stress immediately, but I think it will be a great thing to look back on. Overall, it does make me stop and think about what I am grateful for and it truly has made me realize what types of things I value and I am surprised it isn't: my Macbook, or my iPhone.

I have tried to stay away from technology in little gradual steps because to be honest, it truly is hard to step away.  I have tried to not take my phone to bed.  A bad habit of turning the lights off, only to grab my iPhone from the side of my bed and check Facebook or my emails.  I know that it is bad for my sleep habits plus I don't want to WANT to look on the internet before falling asleep...

The third thing I was trying was to be grateful towards people around me.  I truly am trying to be an awesome listener and to acknowledge awesome people in my life.  I think that overall I do an O.K job of this and when I told V about my three things I wanted to do, he told me I am already too grateful to him, but honestly, can someone be to grateful? I don't think so!

I want to continue this happiness trend and hopefully work my way to not be so caught up in the less important things.  A couple things I want to continue to do is de-clutter - I will be moving soon and I know that moving junk from one place to another is pointless and redundant. I have managed to collect quite the collection of clothes in the past few years, so I went through them all and sent them off to my roommates. I know I don't wear them ever, so hoarding them is pointless.

A second thing I want to do is check more often!  I try really hard to check when I remember. Which sounds crazy because how could I forget. But, it's the little things that I assume I know how I feel and to be honest if I guess and then check, I am usually close, but of course there are times that I am waaay off.   So, for this week, I am going to try and test more often.  I find leaving my meter lying around near me, so for example, on the desk I am working on or the coffee table by the t.v. I tend to check more.

So, to work on:

1. Continue Gratitude Journal, possibly invest in another journal for Brain Dump

2. Continue trying to cut back on internet time

3. Continue showing gratefulness to others

4. De-Clutter, and de-clutter some more

5. Check B/G more often!


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