Thursday, April 3, 2014

Different & Good

So, I visited a Naturopath and really enjoyed my time there. The approach to treatment was so much different than anything I had experienced before.  I knew the doctor, so that made it a bit different in the first place I am sure, but truly, her approach to my hives was unlike what any other doctor had done before. She did something that I find rare ... listened to me!  She asked questions about what I WANT and what I THINK! I truly felt like I had a part in what was going on and really it was nice to just vent and discover more about what was happening in my mind, but wasn't coming out of my mouth.

I don't know if my hives are stress induced, but stress management isn't a bad thing either way. So, we focused a lot on that.  I think what I got from it was that I need to be able to give myself time.  I know that I have a hard time staying away from the internet. I step away from my lap top only to be on my phone five seconds later.. sometimes I am on Facebook on my phone and my laptop without even realizing, going back and forth between the two... It doesn't make sense.

I have a lot to focus on in the next couple weeks, but I really need to remind myself of what I can do to keep everything in tack including my sanity.  She suggested a gratitude journal or a 'brain dump' journal that allows me to shed off what is on my mind OR remind me of what I am grateful for.  I haven't really decided what I am going to do yet, but by coincidence I was given a journal from the JDRF for my recent presentation, so it's perfect.  I think I would keep my gratitude journal separate from my brain dump, so it doesn't seem like I am thankful for dirty dishes.

Overall, I have a few different remedies to try and if not, I can always go back to speak with her or at least apply what I took away from the appointment and hope that it changes the way I perceive myself, my life, my chores and the people around me.  I laughed at the appointment because when she asked me my stressors, not one of them was diabetes. You'd think that would be my biggest stressor, but I said to her, that I know no matter what my diabetes is going to be there for the long run, it's really not changing and it's manageable; however, when someone changes plans or my printer stops working, hello unmanageable stress.  Strange eh!

So, here are some of my goals for the next little bit:

1. Attempt to take time AWAY from technology

2. Write in a journal either gratitude or brain dump

3. Express thankfulness to people around me


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