Thursday, April 17, 2014

Exams & Blood Sugars...

I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

I have my third exam tonight and then after that just two more to go before I can say goodbye to scan-trons and confusing questions like:

a. true
b. false
c. true & false
d. neither true nor false...


I am really excited to start this new chapter of my life as I wrap up the schooling part. Even though something inside me tells me I will be back, but after five years and a diploma & degree later, I think I need some space.  I have been doing a bit of job hunting, but find it a bit overwhelming knowing that I have to get my butt out of this apartment and settled into a new one all in a matter of weeks while studying for I only have been applying to jobs if they seem to jump out at me.

As far as my hives, they're still there, but either they're getting better or I am becoming used to them. I have some days that they're hardly there,  but others where they are clearly taking over.. like this morning.  I went to the gym anyways, and wore shorts so that it wouldn't be so irritating on my legs.. spandex and hives.. not a good mix.

I find exam time the worst time to control diabetes. As much as I try to not focus on my blood sugars before exams because I tend to act my blood sugar.. I have to obviously check and make sure I am not going in with a low or extreme high. It's hard though! I will hardly have any carbs and it skyrockets, most likely from stress of taking the exam. However, I don't want to take too much insulin because then I risk going low during the exam or just before it. AND, I don't want to feel like crap going from one extreme to another - there really is no winning.

I often wonder if I would do better at tests if I didn't have diabetes. Obviously I don't blame marks on diabetes, but I am curious if I would have done better on some things had I had better blood sugars at the time. There are just some times that diabetes is hard to handle.. okay most of the time.  

I'd be curious to know if people have tips for exam days and diabetes. For me, nothing really works, I mean, this morning I woke up at one pack of oatmeal, took correct amount of insulin, went to the gym for an hour, took a shower and by lunch I was 22 ... umm?  

Either way, I am hoping that by tonight I am at a good range and can finish off this History course with a decent grade.


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