Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Do you ever wonder if you hadn't walked into the bar would you have met the love of your life? If you hadn't left the house two minutes early would you have avoided that car crash?  Everyone wonders what if? But, as always we have to remind ourselves that life moves along in a crazy way and personally I believe everything happens for a reason.

There are many things in my life that I am grateful for and when I think about the different people in my life it's amazing to think how they came about.  Lately, I have been thinking about all the wonderful people with type 1 diabetes that have become my friends.  I have met amazing people along my journey with diabetes that if become very close friends of mine.

There is something about spending time with someone who knows exactly what you are going though. A couple weeks ago I went for a walk with my type 1 friend Michelle, and unlike any other time I go for a walk with someone else, we were both pulling out our meters, packing sugar in our pockets and we spent the entire walk talking about diabetes, talking about our diagnosis, funny things that have happened and some tips and tricks to dealing with diabetes.

Life just becomes a little simpler when you can talk to someone who is living with type 1. Even if it is just for an hour, its a little bit of a relief not having to worry about a single thing and knowing that that person is just like you.



  1. Hello Kayla, I just wanted to stop by and say hi and make sure that I was following you:) We (myself, husband, Cara (t1) and Connor) had an amazing visit at the Banting House today. I ask our tour guide (sorry I forget her name but she was great) if she was type 1? she was not but she did give me your name and blog. I look forward to reading about your journey with t1. Nicole

  2. I used to have a juvenile onset (type 1) friend. That person is no longer in my life. When we were friends, we hardly discussed our diabetes. I think that's because we were diabetics for so long. Me at the age of 5 (we're both in our early 50's) and he at the age of 8. I don't know any other juvenile onset diabetic. But then, I've never had juvenile onset friends. From the time I was diagnosed I didn't have another diabetic to talk with. In my home town, I was the only juvenile onset diabetic for 10 years.

    It'd be very interesting for me to be with a room full of juvenile onsets. Especially those with pumps or seeing people pulling out their meters. I still use the syringe and N and R insulin. I only test 3 or 4 times a day.