Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Leaving an Imprint

Any opportunity to teach someone something new is always a rewarding experience. Since working at the Banting House with the Canadian Diabetes Association, I have become more and more intrigued at the life of Sir Fredrick Banting - the man who discovered insulin and saved my life. I spend 31.5 hours a week in the basement of his house - the exact house he came up with the idea of insulin.  There are times when I stop and think, wow, if it wasn't for this man I wouldn't be here... I wouldn't be in his house.

I have now gone on three tours of the Banting House and it has been awesome all three times. I learn something new each time.  Today I went through the house with my three favourite little boys, Nolan, Josh and Ky and their mom, Shannon.  I was excited to see what they thought of the museum since they know quite a bit about diabetes because of me.

Going through the museum, watching as the boys looked at different artifacts asking questions and taking photos - I realized that there is strong importance in learning about something and passing it on.  History is important as much as I dreaded the full year course I took at Western.  History matters and because of historians the messages of the past are still here and alive.

After the fact, I was happy to hear that the boys really enjoyed the tour and Ky even said that it was the most interesting thing he has ever done.  I am happy to know that they took something from the house and hopefully they learned how important history is, how important pursing your dream is and that anyone is capable of making a difference and leaving an imprint on this world.  I know I am continuing to learn this every single day.


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