Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's not Diabetes

It's really easy to point the finger at Mr. Diabetes. He seems to cause a lot of troubles most of the time, but like the class bully, sometimes he's not the one that did it.  Often times our head pain, stomach aches, grumpy-ness, fatigue or hunger is caused by diabetes.  We get these symptoms from highs and lows and despite getting annoyed with diabetes because of those symptoms it does often give us a good idea on how to cure our headaches, grumpy-ness etc. just a little insulin or food will do.

However, sometimes it isn't diabetes causing the troubles. Sometimes we just have a headache because well, people get headaches or we are tired because we stayed up too late or didn't get a good sleep.  After blaming the big D for such a long time, often diabetics have a hard time accepting that they are just not feeling good and it has nothing to do with diabetes.  Of course all of these things in turn effect diabetes, but in the meantime, sometimes a headache is just a headache.

Today, I was feeling pressure in my head and couldn't seem to shake it.  My first though of course was that my blood sugar was off,  but to my surprise I was rocking a nice 6.3.  I then just had to accept that my headache had nothing to with my diabetes and there wasn't much that I could do besides take a Tylenol to stop it from happening. That made me realize that sometimes it is nice when it is due to  high/low blood sugar because then at least you have the answers!



  1. I just started reading your blogs yesterday. I found them while googling about pumps. 29 year type 1 here, and I ordered my first pump yesterday. Anyway, great job with the blog. Hope to read more. You answered some of my questions. Thanks.


  2. I've read in different forum where a lot of diabetics will blame illnesses or just feeling bad on their diabetes. That drives me Batty. I have never once done that. Not ever. I think that's because I've been a diabetic for so long that I don't have the need to blame other illnesses or feeling blah on my having diabetes. Everyone feels crappy every now and then.