Thursday, July 5, 2012

Try Something New

I'm always looking for something to entertain myself - something to work on like a project.  Lately, I have been looking at myself as a project, hoping to cut back on some unnecessary food choices and thinking taking out the garbage as a chance to burn a couple calories; rather than a big chore.   I have fallen off the wagon a couple times, drinking those yummy frozen raspberry lemonade drinks from Tim Hortons and baking a batch of oatmeal cookies only to eat half of them.   However, those things happen and I guess the important thing to do is to not give up, and make your next snack an apple.

I am all game for trying new things.  This all started when I was diagnosed, I put myself in what used to seem as impossible situations and then tried them out. I stood out instead of standing back and I pushed myself.  Heck, I even did a half triathlon and didn't train for it (I wouldn't advise that by the way...)  Pushing myself and trying new things was all the range as the new diabetic Kayla and I continue to do that... even though those things I once thought of as terrifying i.e public speaking has now become one of my most favourite things to do.

Me giving a presentation - something three years ago
 I never thought I would have done!
Today I walked into the YMCA with no intention on doing a class,  I did the machines and then hopped on a bike ready to watch 48 Hours on A&E.... but then I was intrigued as a line formed outside of the gymnasium doors.  I wondered what they were doing, so I shut off the bike and walked over to the wall that had the schedule posted. What I saw was a program that involved yoga and pilates - I didn't think it would be too bad and honestly I wanted to stay at the gym as long as I could since my apartment is 87 degrees.  

When the instructor walked in I instantly knew that this wasn't a yoga class, well before she even walked in I had a feeling this wasn't yoga since no one was grabbing a mat and some girls were wearing outfits that just didn't seem well, yogaish. Well, the instructor came in wearing bright green 'ZUMBA!" pants and as much as my head was saying BAIL!  I stayed because I decided I didn't know anyone and we weren't facing the mirrors anyway.

I have done Zumba a few times, including in Mexico when Michelle would drag me up.. eventually I was excited to be dragged up and Michelle and I became the two and only dancers at the resort.  However, you would think with all that fun in Mexico I would have picked up a few moves, but no, dancers are born not created.. those who can't dance, fake it until they make it and that's me.  I just danced and I was probably doing it wrong, kicking left when it was supposed to be right or clapping 3 seconds after everyone else, but half of the class was just like me, not knowing what they were doing but trying and laughing anyways.

The hour went fast and after a good solid hour and  half work out at the YMCA my sugar dropped from 14 to 5 and I was feeling good about myself and my efforts.  Plus I learned the Bachata which was the name of the resort Vince and I stayed at  in Dominican!  But, don't ask me to do it again, because it was one of those learn it there, forget it when you leave type of things...

So, try it! Try something new and be excited and proud of yourself.


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