Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Start to Something New

It is almost school time and I am ready to begin.  After spending May travelling, June relaxing and July and August working I am ready to get back to school as well as see all my friends and create some new memories!  I haven't been writing too much on my blog lately, but it is because I have been pretty busy and have just been doing my daily routine with diabetes and paying a lot of attention to other things in my life.

Right now I am working on my to-do list before I head back to school.  I completed my G licence today which was a  huge relief after failing last year. Now I don't have to worry about another driving test until I am what? 80?  Very thankful for that!  Way to stressful.  One thing that does relate to diabetes and this situation is that they had asked if I had any illness or disease: including heart or diabetes...  and the guy sort of skimmed this by me and was about to check, "no" until I interrupted him with, I have diabetes....    I bet he wanted to say, "but you don't look diabetic..."

Anyways, so I am moving back to London on Friday and start school on Thursday (next week).   I am planning on organizing my room since I am going to be bringing up all that little things plus clothes that are still here in Brantford.    I am planning on staying in London for most weekends... that is just the plan for now.

So far, diabetes has been just diabetes.  Nothing too exciting has occurred besides getting frustrated with my pump every now and then.  But, don't we all (all the diabetics).


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