Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't Blink

It seems that life doesn't change over time, it changes in an instant.  With tragic events all over the world that effect large groups of people, we know for sure that life can turn upside down in moments. But, forget  the moments that effect an entire country for a second and focus on the events that happen to your neighbours, coworkers and family members.

It's hard to sympathize with those you don't know or for places you've never been.  Yet, we try hard, those of us that are empathic to put ourselves in the heels, boots or flip flops of another person. For me, I am constantly wondering what it would be like to live another person's life for a day or too. What kind of lessons would I learn?

In the past little bit I have experienced a bunch and all of the things have changed or altered my view or possibly just put a pre-existing view into to better focus.   Anyone in Southern Ontario knows that the past couple weeks have been filled with mother nature scares and most recently closer to my home, an explosion.

I know I am not a reporter of any kind, nor is this the purpose of the blog; however, all of these events have sent out a clear message to me at least, "Don't take a single second for granted - don't blink." We truly don't know when our last breath, tear, laugh or smile is and if we take the time to appreciate it all while we are here it makes it clearer why we are all living, breathing, crying, laughing and smiling.  

After being diagnosed with diabetes I knew that I couldn't take life for granted anymore.  I had perfect health one second and then a disease the next.  I learned a huge lesson that day that I have never forgot and have always lived with. It truly has gotten me through a lot in my life and I wish I had this life lesson when I was a teenager.    

We can't change what has happend, but we can make what is next better.  We need to appreciate everything that does happen as well, we can't ignore history, we need to take little lessons from it and apply them to our future.  

I guess, the past couple days, more recently last night after the huge explosion - I began to realize just how important that simple life lesson I had taught myself two years ago.  Don't blink.


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