Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodnight & Don't Let Diabetes Keep You Up All Night!

I find it pretty amazing how my body can let me know that I have low blood sugar.  You know that little voice in your head often portrayed in movies as the little devil or angel on your shoulder, well mine, his name is diabetes and he is always letting me know what's up.

Last night around 2am I felt a little strange..not shaking, not sweaty - just strange.  I began to think of some good food that I would like to eat, and then it hit me, "hey you're probably low!"   When I got out of bed and put my glasses on,  I realized my vision was a little off and my muscles felt a little weak, so I went forth with the whole routine.

I checked my sugar, 3.4 and then grabbed a couple things to eat.  All the diabetics right now are probably like, "what did you grab? what did you grab?"  Well, I grabbed cookies, but you can't have cookies with milk, so I also poured myself a glass of milk, after having one cookie, I decided I didn't want to have cookies, so I started to search again finding Cheesies, but I had one and it was stale, so I then resorted to a Flakie (pastry snack) and then went back to bed.

Going low at night isn't always the most fun because first you don't want to get out of bed and second you aren't feeling like eating a whole meal, but diabetes will make you feel like you need too.  I often go to bed after feeling bloated and sick because of all the food 'diabetes' made me eat!

In September; however, I will be living in my apartment and my bedroom is conveniently located right outside the kitchen - imagine that!


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