Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diabetic Barbie

Eventually new things become old things and we just get used to what is handed to us.  Our life doesn't seem as exciting as it does to a stranger because we live in it.   It wasn't until recently did I realize that I do, do a lot and really do sound like Barbie at times...diabetic barbie that is.

An old friend from high school told me to look at all I have accomplished since I got diabetes.  I honestly had no idea he even noticed... I realize that I broadcast it on here and Facebook a lot, but to really hear it in person made me step back and appreciate myself.

I haven't always been a strong person, but everyone goes through those stages where they wonder what they have to offer to the world.  I guess it hit me when I was diagnosed that I am capable of so much more than I even thought I was, and most of all than some people in my life had given me credit for.

To think now that I have stood in front of a crowd of 500 and told the story of me, I have been interviewed by the newspaper to tell, well, the story of me.   I know that I have accomplished something worth sharing and that no matter what life throws at me I am ready to take it on and turn it into something good.

I guess if I were to give any advice at this moment it would be to keep your chin up and don't look back. Yes, you thought some things were forever that turned out to be a short while, yes you thought somethings were the end of the road that were only a bump in the road - I realize at times things seem like a big deal and turn out to be nothing at all, but we just have to keep our chin up and don't look back.


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  1. keep your chin up and don't ever look back. : )