Thursday, August 18, 2011

Diabetes Slump

I am trying to think of a good name to label it, but the best I can think of is the diabetes slump.   Basically I have had diabetes for almost 3 years (in March) and I am ready to ditch it.  Well, okay, diabetes has brought me a lot of good in my life and I would never take back any of that for anything; however, checking my blood sugar often and dealing with the insulin pump sometimes is a huge hassle.

I am sure any diabetic right now is bobbing their head up and down agreeing with me  Knowing that we aren't going to give up on diabetes; yet, at times it is the most annoying thing in the world. I can just imagine the day of the cure when thousands and thousands of diabetic go running through fields throwing their insulin pumps in the air and meters never to be picked up again.  

This disease is like a shadow that you can't run away from.  But, before I get concerned emails and messages about how I am feeling, everyone knows I don't give up and I am not about to throw my insulin pump into the pool (it is medtronic i.e not waterproof)  or stop purchasing strips -  I am going to get through this diabetes slump and pull through.


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