Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tape Issue

The most annoying part of wearing a pump sometimes has nothing to do with the pump itself; rather, the site.  The site is the white patch that is stuck to my stomach (sometimes people's arms, legs or back) it is stuck with an adhesive much like a bandaid - just white.   The site is there because it holds the tubing inside of my stomach which I put in with a 13 mm needle.  

Because of all the sun I have gotten in the past little while I think that that is the reason my site refuses to stick to my stomach.  I had went through three sites within a matter of a couple days simply because it wouldn't stick.  I tried all kinds of tape, duct tape, medical tape and finally a large medical bandaid.    I just changed my site again today and hopefully my stomach is done 'peeling' and will allow my site to stick because wearing tape and bandaids on top of the site is incredibly annoying. 

I still have yet to venture out into new spots to put my site in like my leg, back or arms.  I most likely will go to my side then to my back before I try my legs or arms. I never  even gave myself regular needles in my arms/legs before.  I simply stick to my stomach because it is comfortable and now after 2 years of needles  I am too scared to try anything new.


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