Thursday, June 16, 2011


Diabetes wasn't always a part of my resume.  I knew nothing about diabetes, nor cared to know more about it because it just wasn't part of my life.  Of course if someone had told me about their diabetes, I would be very interested to know how they live etc. however when something doesn't directly connect with you, we often become ignorant.

I know that there are so many other diseases out in the world and it hurts to know that children, teens, adults and seniors suffer every day and battle such diseases.   Being diagnosed with diabetes has opened my eyes to an entire new world - a world that isn't so care free and beautiful.  Yes, of course we can all live a beautiful life; however, we find great understanding of the world around us when we realize how lucky we are to be living the way we do and that there is so much out there that we can do to help.

I would't say my life is hard by any means.  Despite living with diabetes I am a healthy twenty year old girl who is educated, creative and motivated.  I live well in Canada and should never complain, but who doesn't complain every now and then?

For me, my biggest concern is managing my diabetes in a way that won't hurt my future.  It seems that finding that perfect blood sugar is much harder than any doctor seems to think.  I'd love to have an A1C of 6.5, but who has the time and skill to manage diabetes perfectly every single day.

For me, each day is a new start to my diabetes management and the odd time I will be totally excited that I didn't go over 8 while other days I am cursing diabetes because I didn't go lower than 15.  It is just the way diabetes works and sometimes you just have to roll with it.

Diabetes is a lot of work, but it is totally manageable. I am really appreciative of my pump and all of the new research, medication and tools that are now provided for diabetics.  I guess I can say, if I was ever going to be diabetic this was a good time to jump on the bandwagon.


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