Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Pros & Cons

It has almost been a year with my pump - I can't believe it! I have been living with diabetes for two years and have been wearing a pump for a year!  When I think about all the needles I took for that entire year at times I am thankful that I found the pump earlier than most could.

To me, my insulin pump is more about convenience than anything else. Not having to take four + needles a day is a relief and being able to snack etc. without worrying about pulling out the needle and preparing it is great.    However, at times my pump is something that I absolutely despise about myself because it is on my 24/7 and let's face it anything that you have to keep on you for that long isn't going to always be your best friend.

When I was talking to Clinton about it the other day he kept reminding me that my pump could potentially add years to my life since it is more exact and persistent. No matter how hard I tried to say, "WELL, you don't know that!"  he kept telling me that in the end it is much better for me.  Always reminding me what is best for me and that I can get through whatever life throws at me.

For now, I am not ditching the pump after a year, I am trying hard to embrace having it and at times it is totally easy to do!


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