Monday, June 6, 2011

Slack Days

We all find it hard to stick to things - we set goals for ourselves with determination and motivation, yet eventually decide it just wasn't 'practical' or 'for them'.   With diabetes I can't simply give up, well I could, but the result would be devastating. The facts are that I have to stick with diabetes no matter what it throws at me and as unpractical diabetes is, I have to stick it out.

For almost 19 years of  my life I lived as a non-diabetic.  There was no routine of checking my blood sugar or giving myself insulin - I had no idea that around the world people were doing this and that one day I would be joining them.   When I was diagnosed I was extremely strict with what I did and eventually that wore off.   I am not the 'perfect' diabetic and anyone that claims they are perfect at being diabetic - simply are lying.

Slowly I found a routine that fit me and also accommodated my diabetes because like mentioned before that cannot go without attention.     Some days I feel like going back to when I was eighteen and non-diabetic and that is when I check my sugar a little less and guestimate insulin dosages - YES! It happens, I admit, but don't let me be the only one who has these 'slack' days.

Getting back into routine usually comes from uplifting visits with other diabetics or going to the d.e.c, but in the end I know I will always fall into the routine that best suits both me and my diabetes.


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  1. So true, since we live a regular life on top of being diabetic, we eventually fall into a routine.