Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr. Diabetes

Thanks to all who put up with me & diabetes. Who is diabetes you ask? Well of course it is that little guy that clings on to me and never lets go, 24/7 through weekends and holidays - you know that guy!

Diabetes isn't something you ask for.  It's not like you text me asking to speak to diabetes, but hey! in some circumstances he does answers. He answers with his mean streak or his moody side.  Diabetes can show up at anytime you know that night when I just woudn't stop annoying you - that wasn't me that was diabetes.  You know that time you thought I was crazy laughing all the time so much I had to leave the room well sometimes diabetes can't control himself.

So you know diabetes, Mr. Diabetes and his side kick Mr. Pump. They work together, but don't always include me in their plans.  They plan to go high when I plan to go out and they plan to go low when I plan to sleep.  Either way Mr. Diabetes has got it figured out when the least appropriate time (if there ever was a time) occurs that is when he will act up, his sidekick has the same mentality - "I will run out of insulin when she is late for work or when she is just about to go to  bed after a long day."

Mr. Diabetes never sent me a friend request rather he just added himself to my friends list.  He has got to be my most expensive friend, always wanting me to buy him things like insulin, test strips and dex tabs.  He can be terribly needy like I said he wants to be acknowledged 24/7.  But his sidekick is just as needy and the only reason is sidekick is around is because his ex friend syringe was becoming a hassle.

I guess it would be rude not to thank Mr. Diabetes in some way or another. After all he introduced to me to all his friends and the wonderful people that his friends also cling too like Chloe, Jenn R, Jen, Meredith, Stephanie, Imran etc.   At least I know they have a Mr. or Mrs. Diabetes friend too.

Overall I guess Mr. Diabetes and his sidekick aren't that bad maybe it is because we have grown so close or because I am dealing with Mr.Kidney Infection who seems to be a bigger pain in the butt than Mr. Diabetes. Either way, I will manage with all the friends I make along the way.


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