Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am back from Mexico (I was back on Saturday night) and it is all back to normal. I will be starting work tomorrow and from then on more and more shifts - I'd say full time starting July until end of August (then it's back to another year of school!)  I had a great, sweaty time in Mexico, it was incredibly hot, but lots of fun!

Overall as far as blood sugar goes I can simply say the words, "all inclusive" and know that the blood sugars weren't so good.  It is incredibly hard to carb count with food that you are a. unfamiliar with and b. have no portion control. My blood sugars were for the majority pretty high and I only went low once and it was strange because my pump was off for a couple hours.

I don't believe that the high blood sugars were because of having my pump off for swimming however, because when I did have my pump off and wasn't eating my sugar was pretty decent (I was doing physical activity though like swimming/water volleyball.

I think that as the week progressed I got more annoyed about having a pump that wasn't waterproof because even though it would be annoying to wear a pump in the water - for things like just hanging out at the swim up bar - it wouldn't have been such a bad idea.  Ah, 4.5 more years and I can get a waterproof one?

Either way that week I was pretty annoyed with my pump in water and out. I am finding it annoying to wear clothes with especially dresses - it just is so uncomfortable.  I am not completely thinking of going back to needles, but sometimes I want to "lose" the pump.

Having Michelle in Mexico was great - she is great company and a hilarious friend and the best part is she has got me covered. For both trips (Aspen & Mexico) she packed me DEX in her backpack without me even asking about it. What a good friend!

Now it's back to reality, but it's super hot here now so a little of Mexico has followed me back. Tomorrow I have my DEC appointment and thank god they are nice women because my blood sugars are CRAZY.    I have some explaining to do - or none at all - depends on understanding they are. I am only human!


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