Tuesday, May 4, 2010

With a Pump

Now that I am working full time is it a little hard to get everything done all in one day. I can't even begin to understand how hard it can be to manage a household because I have hard enough time fitting in all my own priorities in one day.

So far in the past two days of working my diabetes has been pretty good. Adjusting to the schedule is going a lot easier than I thought. I did have a low yesterday but that was just after going to the gym.

As soon as I get my pump I know that it is going to be a whole different story. Even though my schedule will remain the same I know that the methods will all change and it will be like getting diabetes all over again.

I hope that I can easily adjust to the pump and that I will feel better and better each day. I don't feel too bad now and I usually have really good sugars but I am just curious as to how different it will be like with a pump.


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