Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clear Mind & Smile

I've developed an understanding of stepping in someone elses shoes. Since we never truly know if the grass is greener on the other side it can be hard to make judgements about others or make excuses for them. A lot of people make snap judgements and I admit that I can do this as well. I think it is just natural to assume.

I have learned that it is way too hard to not make judgements, but it is really important to have an understanding that everyone is different and each person has different battles that they have to fight.

A lot of people look like they have their whole life figured out and that their life is completely smooth but in reality they may be facing difficulties or struggling. I think this assumption is made about me a lot but I truly don't have my whole life figured out and every day I fight my own battles.

No, life isn't horrible on my end and I would never make an excuse for myself, but I don't have a completely carefree life. After being diagnosed with diabetes my life was turned completely upside down. No teenage girl ever wishes to be diagnosed with anything. It isn't fair that I got diabetes and it was no ones fault. Nothing could have been done to change this.

At times I find that dark place where I know that anything can happen with my diabetes. That at any time I can lose control or something can go wrong. It's a horrible place and there really is no time in the day to sort out thoughts like these.

If anyone thinks that because I am so involved that I don't find the dark places of my diabetes - that is a completely wrong judgement because who doesn't get upset about the hand they are dealt at times.

My biggest coping skill is to be strong and to be positive because positivity goes a long way. My health is very important but it isn't all about giving myself insulin it is also about giving myself a clear mind and smile.


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