Monday, May 17, 2010

My Choice

Today has been a pretty eventful day! I had my echocardiogram this afternoon at the Brantford General Hospital and it was pretty neat. I got to see my heart on the screen which looked like a giant monster talking. I also got to hear my heart which sounded like a sloshing noise. I tried not to ask too many questions even though I was super, super curious! I can't believe all the technology that is out there and how many tests can be done for so many different things.

From the tests they didn't say much. They didn't seem to be too concerned, but there is always a chance once all the information is reviewed that something can become a concern. Hopefully everything turns out for the best because I definitely don't want anything else on my plate right now.

Today I also saw the Medtronic rep. I got to actually insert the infusion into my stomach. At first I was hesitant when I saw how thick the needle was, but that little voice in the back of my head was like what are you waiting for! After putting it in it was like nothing at all. I even asked if I could tuck the pump in my bra - I think she was surprised, but hey! if I have to wear this 24/7 I want to know what it is going to be like.

It was kind of neat having it attached to me. My Aunt and Uncle had stopped in at that time and got a chance to see it and ask a few questions. I think that they were surprised how convient it looked as well and how durable it was. My Uncle Jay asked what happens when it falls and the rep. just pulled at it and it just felt like a tickle as she tugged it around. Obviously if it was to come out it would hurt, but she was just demonstrating.

So it is down to Animas and Medtronic since Accu-Chek was a total fail. I think that Medtronic is on my mind right now, but I will definitely sleep on it. I know that no matter which pump I pick there will be people that completely disagree with my choice. I cannot please anyone and honestly the only person I want to please right now is myself.

I love hearing people's inputs because the people with pumps have had them long enough to have a personal opinion. None of the reps that came were diabetic, so their opinion was valuable, but not as personal. I know that a lot of my friends that are diabetic are using Medtronic, but in no way is that going to determine my choice.

I am hoping to make a final choice by the end of the week, but like mentioned before I am leaning towards the Medtronic pump. The rep was not aggressive at all and never bashed the other reps which I was surprised by because I was totally thinking Medtronic was going to be the bully among the crowd.

I am happy to hear anyone's input on any of the pumps, but in the end the choice is mine!


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