Monday, May 3, 2010


In the past year and a bit I have learned patience. It seems like before diabetes everything was one big rush to me - anything to get something done and over with. Even though at times we wish for time to fly by it is important to realize that we will never get that day back again. Although our days may seem so similar like one big Monday after Monday - each and every day is different.

I am patient with myself and with others because I know with time everything will work out. Even when times are tough or I am having a bad day I know that eventually it will all be okay and that I should just work with what I have. Before diabetes I lived a pretty carefree life and even though I had my worries they were never serious. I was never patient with myself nor anyone and wanted instant satisfaction.

I have learned to wait things out because hard work pays off in the end and can be incredibly rewarding. My training for the 5k run and triathlon will pay off just like all the hard work I did in school did. I know that at times I want to stop and just give up but it is the push and drive that keeps me going and that goes along with patience.

I suppose that this is all apart of becoming mature but like most things I give credit to diabetes because it toughened me up and made me a better person. Not only do I respect myself more but I have learned more about myself in this past year than ever before.


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