Wednesday, August 17, 2016

One Intention

I am all for being positive, sending out positive vibes and surrounding myself with positive people but this isn't always an easy mentality to keep. We often are faced with obstacles that limit us and make it incredibly hard to see the good in the day, or the people around us. We get bombarded with negativity and finding the positive light is often fogged.

I find diabetes has a way of being that negative block in a positive day. When I wake up I have to check my blood sugar and that can really play a huge role in how I feel. If it's a great number, I often feel more motivated to get up, and continue to check my blood sugar throughout the day but if it is a higher number I feel tired, and less motivated to really take care of my diabetes in the way that I should. That morning number can really alter your mood, just like weighing yourself can have the same effect.

I think the key is to take the time to set an intention for each day. Diabetes takes a lot of brain power and effort and if we wake up and do not like our blood sugar we are more likely to feel that sense of loss of control. Instead of letting numbers (whether that is blood sugar, weight, whatever fits your situation) if we focus on one intention for the day and really put effort into that regardless of the outcome - we may have a better chance of staying focused and positive and in turn send out positive vibes to others and eventually surround ourselves with positive people.

An intention could be something simple like, "Today I will check my blood sugar four times" or something more mindful like, "Today I will think one positive thought after each negative thought that comes to mind" There is no right or wrong intention, as long as you feel like it will help you focused, and add positivity to your day. I am a big fan of taking one day at a time. For me, it's a way to keep my focus strong and also to not get anxious about the future. 


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