Thursday, August 15, 2013

Full Circle

A lot of people have asked me what I am most excited about for the climb in two weeks, and there are so many things that I am excited for that is hard to pick. However, today when I was going through my bags of things to pack for Kilimanjaro talking to Krystal (Barbados)  on Skype making sure we were at least on the same page for packing gear, I realized I am really excited to meet the people I've been chatting to online for months now.

I've become fairly close with two of the climbers, Sally (Australia) and Krystal.  We talk almost daily and seems to get along well.  Krystal I had met online when I went searching for a pen pal  on Google. Her name came up in an old forum  about also searching for a pen pal. Despite it being a few years older I contacted her anyways and wrote her an email letting her know that I was willing to be her pen pal.

We exchanged a few written letters and she even gave me a shell one time in the mail.  We talked further on Facebook chat and when she was asked to climb she asked me if I wanted to join to represent Canada.   It will be a full circle once I get to meet her in Tanzania, we are both attending IDF - Australia so, we can fully celebrate our success there on the beach somewhere with a drink in hand.

Sally has climbed Mount Everest Base camp, which to me is already an accomplishment and a half. Although she seems pretty experienced she is very down to earth and helpful! We have chatted almost daily since adding one another on Facebook. Reassuring each other and giving advice.  Looking forward to also meeting her in person in two weeks.

Of course I am excited to meet the other members on the climb as well, I have also been chatting with them and learning more about them each time.  I am excited for the stories I will hear, the lessons I will learn and the amazing life time friends I will make from this adventure.


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