Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am at the point in my life where doors are closing and new doors are opening. Where opportunities are arising, but some choices need to be made.  I mean, I get that I am only twenty-two soon to be twenty-three in the next three days, however, as much as people tell me I am young, as much as people tell me 'wait until you get in the real world' it makes me want to shout back at them, 'I AM IN THE REAL WORLD.'

This will be my last year of University and I cannot be more thrilled that in the past five years not only have I managed to survive with diabetes, but accomplish a college diploma as well as a degree. I doubt my education door is closing behind me, but I cannot shake the feeling that something is closing behind me.  No longer is school going to be that crutch I lean on for safety, 'I am not working, but I am in school.' I will be walking through a new door, maybe there will be a few familiar faces along the way, but over all I am going to be transitioning.

I have things that I want to accomplish and experiences I want to feel.  I feel as though this summer has been a rush, a blur and I didn't really have much of a chance to sit down with my thoughts.  However, I am hoping a lot of flight time and quiet mountain gazing will give me the chance to figure out a few things about myself and what doors I am looking to go knocking on.

Even though some might tell me that I have not entered the real world, I think I have.  It may be a different world from tomorrow, ten years from now, but either way the world I live in is very real.  Ever changing, but real.  I am excited for the future, excited to learn more about myself along the way and see what doors open and what doors close.


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