Friday, April 26, 2013

You & Diabetes

If my life is going to be about checking blood sugars, giving insulin, wearing a pump and treating lows then so be it. There is nothing that I can do to take that away from myself. I have diabetes.  However, if I check daily, give insulin, wear this pump tucked into my bra, and pop glucose tabs every now and then I am opening up so many possibilities for myself by choosing life.

I remember one time in Brantford I went and saw George Canyon, a Canadian country singer who rocks an Animas insulin pump. It was a private show type thing with about twenty people.  I sat at the front with my Mom and Canyon asked a few of us what we wanted to be when we were 'older.' After hearing our responses he then said if we decided not to check our blood sugars, if we decided not to give ourselves insulin we would NEVER be able to be what we wanted to be.  He said something along the lines of, 'if you are a teacher and you never check your blood sugar, and you're past out on the floor because of a low blood cannot help anyone.' His message was very clear, and obviously it has stuck with me, if you choose to take care of your diabetes you will be rewarded with whatever it is you want to achieve. If you neglect your diabetes, achieving those dreams will if not be impossible, will definitely be difficult.

Now, being a diabetic myself I know that as easy as it is to catalogue the life of a diabetic, it isn't always easy to follow through.  A simple blood sugar test takes merely seconds, but multiple times a day at inconvenient times, in between other tasks and responsibilities can seem annoying. However, if I can pass on the message of Canyon it would be to take time for YOU and DIABETES so that you can live a better life and achieve your goals and dreams with DIABETES.



  1. I think the best thing for a person with any disease is to accept the disease. There will be problems with it, that's just the way it is. Once you've accepted you have it, there will be times that things just won't go right.

    For the diabetic, you'll take the correct amount of insulin, eat correctly and still your sugars will for whatever reason go sky high or drop low. You don't beat yourself up about it. You accept that it will ocassionally happen. Once you've gotten to that point, you really don't think about being a diabetic. You check your blood sugars, take your insulin. If you're carbohydrate counting, you no longer realize you are, you just do it. It's how you are. You're going to have failures and joys just like everyone else. BECAUSE you are like EVERYONE ELSE!

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