Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Examinations & Calibrations

I am a little over half way done my exams, with two more to be done in the next five days.  I lucked out in a sense of having a good amount of space between my exams, but was a little unlucky having to go until the second last day of exams.   For the first two exams I was wearing my sensor and I was pretty excited to see what would happen during exams.  I was also nervous because I didn't want it randomly beeping at me or me to check it and get in trouble, so I addressed my professors before hand so that they knew what I was doing.

Overall, having the sensor during exams was amazing because other wise I am having to either bring my meter to my desk or use my senses to detect whether or not I need to have some sugar or not.  Now that I am 'sensorless' I do feel sad that in order for me to know what is happening I have to check, it seemed so easy when I could just pull it out of my pocket and check. But, like previous posts there are things about that sensor that made me feel a little too connected at times.

Anyways, during exams I was lucky it didn't beep. I checked on it a few times just to see what was happening because now that I have been really focusing on my blood sugars I begin to wonder how well my brain is actually functioning at specific blood sugar levels.  I know I saw a photo posted on Facebook of the brain when functioning with high and low blood sugar and honestly, if it is true, it is scary.  

When preparing for exams I like to be at the best blood sugar as possible, of course; however, not verging on the low side. Most of my exams are three hours and even though I am welcomed to eat, I prefer not too. So I eat before heading in and hope for a nice steady line while writing to keep focused, as well as avoid any symptoms of high or blood sugar.  

I bring the meter with me to exams, so that if I am feeling slightly strange I can check. I always have some type of sugar with me when I am writing for those times I can just feel a low.  My professors know that I am diabetic so that base is covered and of course I have my pump readily available if I need to make adjustments etc. 

Afterwards I just hope for the best, knowing that I tried my hardest to keep my blood sugar in check, and I studied hard!


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