Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Secrets

Since my weight loss, and my toughening up gain...I have had a lot of people message me asking what my secret is and while I would love to tell them all I did was take a magical pill or drink some special tea - I always feel sad when I have to reply with, 'I work out every single day and really have been watching what I eat...'   because I'd love to have a secret weight loss tool!

For me, working out has been something to do. I am a busy girl, but it is always nice to have that time to yourself that you can just get away and work out. To be honest, I also do not have cable, so I enjoy going to the gym to work out and watch t.v - that sounds bad, but it's true and it gets me there...I love Ellen.  Anyways, because I have been working out straight for about 4 months, it has become a routine that I feel bad when I break it. Often times if I am really not feeling the gym or I just don't have the time to get over there, I will do a workout in my room or go for a walk later on.

The food has been probably the worst because I really am not a fan of most healthy foods and because I am also balancing blood sugars I often get frustrated.  Having to treat lows while feeling extremely hungry isn't always the best when you're trying to get fit.  Now that I am wearing a CGM I am so excited to be able to track what my blood sugars are doing. I think I looked at my pump 5x today during my workout just to see what my blood sugars were doing and that is something I wouldn't have been able to do previous.

As far as the food goes, I try my hardest to pick healthy food options. I am more of a grazer than a person that sits down three times a day to eat, so for me, it's just fitting in some fruits, vegetables, and protein when I can.  I am also a huge fan of oatmeal so that has been my breakfast of choice for a long time...and will likely continue that way. It's a good stabilizer for me!

I really want to help others as much as I can along this journey that I am going through. Countless times I read messages on message boards from people wondering how they can lose weight or get fit.  For me, it is all about patience - don't expect results right away, but get excited that at some point you will get there.  Be confident in your progress and let diabetes be that force that motivates you rather than puts you down.


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