Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Workout Plan

There was a time when diabetics were instructed to do nothing.  We were pretty much summoned to our couches.  But now we can do whatever we want and we are practically limitless when it comes down to it. I wasn't always a super active person pre-diabetes.  The fact that I am super uncoordinated played into this, no one can enjoy a hip hop class when you are always two steps behind and going left instead of right.  

As far as sports I never really had the skill to hit a ball or to know when to hit the ball in fact.   I did participate in gym class; however, and tried my best when it came down to it, but overall the idea of physical activity was almost like a threat.  Just before I was diagnosed officially I began working out intensely at the gym and realized that say, running on a treadmill or using a machine was much different than crip walking across a studio.

I began really enjoying biking and running and just being active.  Once I was diagnosed with diabetes I had no idea if this was possible to continue. However, that wonder only lasted a couple hours after being shown the Connected in Motion website that showed a person canoeing on the home page.  

Since being diagnosed I have gone above and beyond what I physically thought possible for myself. I am not an athlete or a dancer, nor am I physically built; however, I feel good.    Yesterday I went into the  Western University gym for the first time to do a cardio ball class and today I did a beginner step class.  I plan to do a class at least 5-6 times a week and make sure that I tell you about them to encourage myself.

Cardio ball was actually really fun. We all had this big exercise balls  and got to bounce, roll, throw and dribble them across the studio floors.  Step class, although beginner seemed like it was going to be the end of me, especially because I was feeling the cardio ball class in my legs and arms.    There is a lot of great classes that are offered and I plan to tell you about all of them!

Pft, diabetes better keep up.


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  1. This what I do since I diagnosed that I have diabetes.Regular exercise and a balanced diet ensure that the person maintains optimum weight.