Monday, September 26, 2011

Crazy Yoga & a New Endo (That isn't Crazy!)

Today I continued the workout plan since Sunday I was back home celebrating 5 birthdays including mine, yes, yes it was in August shhh!   Anyways, after all the cheesecake and snacks I had to get back into the flow of things come Monday.   I had left my agenda in London so I was pretty much hoping that by the time I arrived back to the apartment, my class hadn't begun.   Which it hadn't - I had written down that I wanted to do stretch yoga followed by cycle.

So, I got ready to go and felt good about it too.  After standing in a huge line to get into a yoga class of 70 people I realized that this yoga was not going to be the average find your chee type class.  The teacher was crazy to say the least, very energetic however.  After explaining her to my roommates they instantly knew who I was talking about and we laughed as we demonstrated the sun salutation that she did in 2 seconds...fastest move in the entire world.  I didn't get too much peace in this class; however, it was fun and I did use my ab muscles not only to plank, but to laugh.

Since cycle followed right after yoga, there were no bikes left by the time I put my mat away. So, I learned that I can't schedule back to back classes!

Previous to crazy yoga I met my new endocrinologist. She was really nice and really took many things into consideration which I liked.  I wasn't used to an endocrinologist taking such interest in me, for once I can say, I really enjoyed that appointment.   I know so many diabetics that have had bad experiences or felt that they were not in good hands, but from my experience today I feel like I will be enjoying my visits with her.

Overall, today was a crazy day and to end with crazy yoga, I must admit made the day.  


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