Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I know something you don't know . . .

Being a diabetic, it is like you have some hidden information that no one else quite knows.  There are so many things that go along with being diabetic that touch on all aspects of our lives that it is hard not to erupt at someone who tries to say, "Milk doesn't have carbs!"  Clearly milk has carbs and if it didn't I wouldn't be shooting up insulin for that wonderful cold glass of milk I just had after eating almost carb-less peanut butter (by the way you non-diabetics may have assumed peanut butter has carbs.. wrong again.. hardly any...)

Being diabetic, I know a few things about carb counting, the pancreas, what insulin does etc.  so, when you are sitting around the fire, and someone is having a private conversation with the person beside them about, "this girl they know, who is like diabetic, totally was so drunk and her sugar was so high she totally, needed to eat something...." and you know that insulin will lower blood sugars NOT food... sometimes the knowledgeable diabetic in you wants to shout out, YOU'RE WRONG!

But, it goes beyond the diabetic herself...our friends and family who now know so much about diabetes are getting sensitive and knowledgeable too.  I know Michelle has told me that she gets mad when people misunderstand diabetes or make wrong statements about the disease.  We all get offensive and want to sit the ignorant down and give them the 411 about diabetes.

But, before we go preaching about diabetes we have to acknowledge our own ignorance to other things in the world.  We may be know-it-alls about diabetes, but let's be serious there are MANY other things in the world diseases or not that we are totally unaware of.


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