Saturday, November 25, 2017

Note to self: Don't Forget

"I can't believe you forgot that!" 

How many times have you heard this? I don't mean forgetting your keys or your wallet, but rather, those diabetes things that we as people with diabetes are supposed to remember but time after time forget.  

I decided to compile a list of the things that I personally always forget and hopefully in turn you can let me know, that I'm not the only one!

1.  Extra Sites

You're out for the night and you're up dancing and your partner snags your site and rips it out.  Now, there is no insulin flow and you're already 10 mozzarellas sticks and 5 mixed drinks in. What do you do?   Use an extra site you've packed in your clutch .... but actually no, because you forgot to pack an extra site.

2. More Insulin 

Now you're having dinner at your in laws and you are about to sit down and enjoy the wonderful meal.  There is even delicious cake to enjoy afterwards, but guess what? As you bolus you realize you have 2 units left.  Yeah, that low reservoir warning you heard before you left your house, that was real.   Now, you have to either forgo the mashed potatoes and cake, or pay for the high blood sugar you're about to experience because you forgot to refill your reservoir.

3.  Low Supplies 

Anyone else sweating profusely? Is the ground shaking?  Are these lights exceptionally bright? No, just me? You're shopping with your friends when all of a sudden all the low symptoms come on.   Easy, take a moment to enjoy your low snack in your purse? Oh wait, you never refilled it the last time you used it.  Now you're waiting in a huge line just to buy a bottle of pop to recover from your low because you forgot your low supplies.


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