Friday, November 3, 2017

Diabetes Awareness Month: What is my role?

The fall is flying by and I hardly noticed that it was November i.e Diabetes Awareness Month until I saw all the posts online.  I find myself in a bit of a withdraw from blogging, reading up on diabetes related news/blogs and find myself immersed in life outside of the internet.  However, I am missing blogging and catching up with all the amazing things my fellow online diabetes community members are up to.

I find it interesting how time slowly changes us, the messages that stream across our social media begin to resonate with ourselves a bit differently and our drive of what to put energy into changes.  I remember when I was first diagnosed I was greatly involved in spreading awareness and advocacy, each year preparing for the diabetes walk in the spring and constantly finding opportunities to let my peers and community know about type 1 diabetes.  While I still have those goals and desires, I have found ways to put energy into that without losing energy for other things in my life beyond diabetes.  Some may say that's balance.

November is important to note as Diabetes Awareness Month, but part of me wonders what my role can be in this month.  Is my role posting on social media about my diabetes? Is my role correcting those in public that push stereotypes about diabetes?  Is my role to raise money, awareness, create new projects?

I feel that some may feel pressure to push out awareness, when most of us are tired, most of us have been in the diabetes world for awhile now and are running out of steam or inspiration. I think the important thing to remember is that everyone with diabetes deals with diabetes differently. We all find what's comfortable within ourselves and anytime we share our experiences, stories, words of education or wisdom, it comes from a vulnerable place that we are sharing because we want to be heard. That is our part of spreading awareness whether it is November, December, June or July.

For me, this month I will continue to do what I have been doing for awhile now.  I will spend every Thursday evening speaking to teen girls with type 1 diabetes.  I will blog when I have the time and inspiration and I will continue my work that I do on other diabetes platforms. Nothing extra, nothing different, but what I have the energy, comfort and inspiration in doing.


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